can feel a bit busy and overloaded. Give it a quick overview and it becomes apparent that this website has plenty to offer, squeezed into three general sections. The banners tend to run together, but it has plenty of convenient quick links that lead narrower, highly informative sections.

It is evident that wants to save you both money and time. It has a great a Disney World-Orlando based news section highlighted in yellow, with excellent features about area changes, improvements and general news.

One of the better links being featured at the moment contains a download for your GPS unit so you can more readily navigate the busy Orlando-Kissimmee area. Like the GPS download, the website is designed with the express purpose of assisting you with the most important aspects of your trip to the area—discount Disney World tickets, Disney third-party retailer advice and other informative links about Disney inside and out of Orlando.

Mousesaver’s FAQ section is loaded with useful travel and usage information like how to contact Disney with complaints and how to book through various Disney Outfitters cruise lines. The site is designed to serve the Disney customer, and makes money through online referrals. Because of this feature, is an exceptionally unbiased and useful Disney product and discount Disney World tickets resource.

It should also be said that is more research heavy in all things Disney, and aims at providing the very best information about various Disney packages and products third-party Disney retailers and timely updates on Disney deals and buying Disney both in the US and internationally.

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