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Top 3 Disney World Tips for 2013

If you’re going to Disney World in 2013, then you couldn’t be luckier. Truth be told, Disney World just gets better and better every single year. With more attractions, restaurants, and resorts opening with each passing year, Disney is growing to rival the size of many major cities’ downtown areas!

While 2012 was a great year for visiting Disney World, 2013 is sure to be even better! To make the most of your trip to Disney World, be sure you check out our three top tips for Disney World in 2013:

  1. Buy a guidebook – a good one. You may be used to traveling without a guidebook on ordinary vacations. After all, between travel websites, blogs like this one, and your own travel-savvy-self, you get away with it. Disney World’s not like that. Trust us when we say that Disney World is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before. A good guidebook can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of vacation time!
  2. Strategically plan the order of your trip. If your kids wear out quickly – and all kids do when in Disney World – see the most important things in the morning, and leave the less important attractions for the afternoon. That way, if you don’t make it to your afternoon agenda, nobody’s disappointed. Also, save the Magic Kingdom for later in the week (when crowds are smaller), and spend the first part of your week seeing Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and other parks that most visitors put off until the end of the week!

Don’t go in the peak season. Here’s the deal: during peak summer months, everybody and their brother wants to go to Disney World. We can’t blame them. That doesn’t mean you have to go to Disney World during the summer. If your kids have a fall break from school, take that opportunity to visit the Magic Kingdom and ride all the rides!

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